Clarify your Calling

A self paced online coaching program that helps you take control of your life by reconnecting you to who you really are

  • Discover what your heart truly desires

  • Unlock your greatest strengths

  • Create more meaning and impact in life

Made for more?

I believe we’re all here to experience the very best in life and that we’re each created with special gifts that can positively impact the world

  • Do you feel like you are made more for more but not sure what that more is?

  • Are your previous successes no longer fulfilling you?

  • Do you want more clarity on your next steps in life?

  • Do you want more meaning and passion in life?

  • Are you afraid to look back on your life with regret?

Be confident in the direction of your life

Here's How:

1. Enroll in Clarify your Calling online program 

2. Gain clarity on your true passions, strengths, and desires in life 

3. Take the steps to confidently pursue your calling


"I’ve never felt more optimistic about my journey than I do today. I feel so good in my own skin, confident in my dreams, and motivated in the pursuit of them. And surprisingly, life finally feels calm and content for once even though I’m still juggling all of the work I was before. Nicole helped me get laser-focused on a vision for my life, the right vision, my vision, not the one someone else crafted for me, and that has changed everything."

Knowing your next steps in life can be easy

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Program Overview

Start with a Preview

  • 2
    Part 1 - Purpose Pillars
  • 3
    Part 2 - Soul Sessions
    • Intro
    • Week 3 - Workbook
    • Week 3 - Activity guide
    • Week 3 - Video 1 - Connection Check in
    • Week 3 - Video 2 - Feel your Connection
    • Week 4 - Workbook and activity guide
    • Week 4 - Video - Questions for Clarity
  • 4
    Part 3 - Personal Freedom
    • Intro
    • Week 5
    • workbook
  • 5
    Part 4 - Clarify your Calling
    • Clarify your Calling
    • Workbook
  • 6
    Part 5 - Inspired Action
    • Intro
    • Lesson
    • Workbook
  • 7
    Part 6 - Living your Truth
    • Living your truth
    • Workbook

Here's what's included:

✔  Weekly Video Lessons - 12 weeks of Life Coaching videos that help you go from feeling stuck to feeling confident and connected to the direction of your life 

✔  Weekly Coaching Workbook - includes added resources and support to guide you along

✔  Weekly Activity Sheets - that help you reconnect to your true self, gain more clarity on your strengths and passions, and ways you can take more inspired action in your life

✔  Weekly accountability emails - to keep you focused, inspired, and on track  

✔  Higher Level Living VIP INSIDE MEMBER - Early Access for all new programs, workshops, or retreats and access to insider resources 

✔  Unlimited Access - indefinite access to the program and all future updates

✔  *BONUS* - discounted private coaching rates for people enrolled in the course 


"Working with Nicole is not someone just telling you what to do, but almost this guiding force. Nicole is just the person you want at your side, with her open-hearted perspective giving you that nudge you need to push on and break down the scary walls you set up for yourself. She helps you see the solution. Nicole is the calm demeanor that puts you at ease and helps you basically get over your damn self. Working with Nicole is a decision you will never once regret."

Meet your Coach

A visionary coach and empowering guide

  • Nicole  O'Neill

    Certified Life Coach

    Nicole O'Neill

    Purpose-driven cancer survivor and intentional life designer. After being diagnosed with cancer 3 times before the age of 30, Nicole became relentlessly committed to all things wellness, personal growth, and living life on purpose. She left behind a successful corporate career to pursue her heart’s true desires, started a business while simultaneously living out my dream of traveling the world, and became a certified life coach. Today she's your guide to Higher Level Living

My Mission

In a world where people feel invisible, I love helping them be seen... To themselves first, then to the rest of the world.

I believe we’re all here to experience the very best in life and that we’re each created with special gifts that can positively impact the world.

My experiences and training gifted me with the ability to understand and predict human behavior. I have a way of seeing a person’s strengths, passions, roadblocks, and potential impact on the world. 

I created this coaching program because I'm passionate about helping you see all this more clearly for yourself. 

Clarify your Calling

Moving in the direction of your heart is the only way to discover where you are meant to go

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