Elevate Your Life

A self-paced online course that helps you learn and develop habits proven to elevate you in all areas of your life

  • Energize

    Elevate your energy, attitude, and overall approach to life so you can find happiness in every day.

  • Build Confidence

    Build the confidence to embrace who you really are and thrive in life regardless of what comes your way.

  • Thrive

    Maximize your potential so you can perform at YOUR best in all areas of your life - physically, mentally, spiritually, personally, and professionally.

How do you thrive at Higher Levels regardless of what comes your way?

  • Want to know the secrets to your greatness in life so you can reach your full potential?

  • Want to feel more confident, strong and proud from the inside out?

  • Want more natural energy and passion about the direction of your life?

  • Want to be the happiest person you know, capable of overcoming whatever comes your way? ?

  • Want to finally FEEL LIKE ENOUGH?

Are your daily habits limiting you in life?

Your daily habits can elevate you in all areas of your life

Believe it or not, your daily habits impact the direction of your life. The little things that you do or don’t do each day either limit or launch you in life. They shape who you are, how you feel, and where you are headed.

This course is all about developing habits that will elevate you in all areas of your life so you can positively impact the direction of your life. 

These habits are your personal game changers for REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL and THRIVING in life regardless of what comes your way.

Developing Habits to Elevate You in Life is Easy

  • 1. Purchase this course

  • 2. Learn the habits and be guided through action steps to develop them in videos and worksheets

  • 3. Feel more energized, confident, happy, connected, and at peace in your life

Develop the habits that saved my life

Hi! I'm Nicole,

A Certified Life Coach, purpose-driven cancer survivor, and intentional life designer. 

I know what it’s like to hold yourself to the highest possible standard. How hard it can be to make your own health, happiness, and growth a priority in life. 

I struggled with this for years, but then I was diagnosed with cancer 3 times before the age of 30 and woke up to how precious life is. This pushed me to be more intentional with the direction of my life. 

Today I can wholeheartedly, proudly, and humbly say I'm living proof that it's possible to make your dreams a reality and live a happy, prosperous life despite relentless odds being stacked against you.  

This course helps you develop the habits to do the same. 

Your Life is Precious

Be a priority in your own life

I believe we all have greatness in us. That you’re a force to be reckoned with when you’re passionate about something and that you can move mountains when you set your mind to something.

But capitalizing on this greatness doesn’t just happen by chance. 

To be the best you can, to give the very best of you, or make your greatest impact... You need to be a priority in your life.

This course gives you habits that will help you bring the very best of you to all areas of your life so you can reach your potential, be happy, and thrive in your very best life regardless of what comes your way.

How will this course Elevate your Life?

  • Gain access to daily habits proven to increase your productivity and potential in life

  • Develop routines that will set you up lifelong success and happiness

  • Feel more confident in who you are so you can stand tall and THRIVE regardless of what comes your way

  • Continuously perform at your best in all areas of your life

  • Elevate your energy, attitude, and your overall approach to life

Success Stories

Teacher and Autism Advocate


Teacher and Autism Advocate

This course has given me simple tools to implement on a daily basis that have helped me change my life and live more happily fulfilled! It's given me an A-ha feeling that makes me realize I can make my goals a reality and live a life worth living. Before even finishing the course I was already using the resources and implementing the techniques. My confidence in my ability to grow has increased significantly! Nicole has so much wisdom and is such a positive, supportive person. I highly recommend this course and working with her.
Business Owner and Medical Sales Associate


Business Owner and Medical Sales Associate

This course was super motivating and opened my eyes to a lot of things. I took a lot of great notes and I can’t wait to implement everything into my everyday life. I’m done holding myself back!

What's Included:

  • A self-paced online course with videos educating you on Habits for Higher Level Living - why they are impactful and how you can incorporate them into your life

  • 30 days of mantras emailed to you daily for more intentional living

  • Daily habit trackers

  • Course Ebook

  • PDF planner with daily and weekly worksheets for journaling, reflection, growth, and planning

  • * BONUS * - Access to Higher Level Living VIP resource center - get access to a list of all the tools, books, and resources I’ve used to elevate my life and my business.

How it Works:

Once you purchase the course you will be emailed access to the online membership area where you will be able to access the course and all the resources on your own schedule. 

Additionally each day for the next month you will be emailed morning mantras and tips to further guide you along. 

What it Costs

To elevate your life and thrive at a Higher Level.

Or start with a free 7 day challenge:

A free challenge with daily activities that will help you elevate and energize so you can live your very best life.

Living your best life and reaching your full potential doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to be proactive and take intentional action if you want to be the very best you can in life. 

This free 7-day challenge gives you daily activities and guidance to start living your best life now. Sign up for the free challenge now!

Meet Your Instructor

  • Nicole Hague

    Founder and Coach

    Nicole Hague

    I believe you deserve more than just being your best in life. You deserve to feel your best and fully experience everything life has to offer. Whether you’re looking for ways to take your life to the next level, to transform your pain into a powerful purpose, or if you’re finally ready to use all your experience, strengths, drive, and work ethic for something more meaningful or impactful in life, I’m here to coach you.